Capsule Wardrobe

I stand for less clothing but more quality, pureness, and ethicality— a meaningful wardrobe.

Clothing that creates purpose. A daily reminder of our choice to simplify. Let nature be “as is.” Let us be content “as is.” What a powerful way to raise our angels. What a simply beautiful way to clothe them.

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♥  GOTS certified organic cotton jersey ♥  Unbleached. Undyed. Unmercerized. ♥ Uni-gender and grows with your baby ♥ Comes with handy organic cotton drawstring bag...


“But eyes are blind. You have to look with the heart.” ― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Thank you for everything…

I still remember the moments when I became a mum for the first time. I was wide awake and watching you sleep in your basket. It was night-time, the birth had been exhaustingly long and painstaking, but I was staring at you and adoring you like crazy. I was in total all-consuming euphoria. I still […]

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Baby/kids fashion. Seriously?..

I have noticed the trend over the years – to dress our babies in the funkiest, funniest, cutest way possible. You can find forums and blogs talking specifically about fashion for babies or kids; where to find the trendiest clothes and accessories, what the fashion is right now, matching outfits – you get the idea… […]

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There is no balance…

Not so long ago, I used to beat myself up. That other chores and responsibilities took over. I’d spend too little time. Maybe snapped that day. Maybe hurried… There is no day that you think you found that perfect balance. If you spend all day with kids, the household chores not done, that means a […]

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My choice…

Today I will leave the dishes in the sink, Leave un-hoovered floors, undusted shelves. I will leave the rush. The expectations. I will leave the guilt and shame.   What will I take with myself?   The laughter. The precious minutes with the people most important to me. The time to notice, to feel. The […]

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